‘Level Up Irene & Seulgi Project’ Irene & Seulgi “I miss other members when audio is quite”

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Compared to the previous season when Irene and Seulgi were filmed Level Up Irene & Seulgi Project, they revealed the good points and regrets of the ‘Level Up Irene & Seulgi Project’.

On the 9th, at 2 pm, the presentation of the production of  “Level Up Irene & Seulgi Project” by Irene & Seulgi, the first unit of Red Velvet, was broadcast live on YouTube. Irene and Seulgi, as well as PD Kim Ji-sun, who directed at the production presentation, attended this day.

On this day, when asked how the ‘Level Up Irene & Seulgi Project’ is different compared to the previous versions of the show, “It was noisy because the ‘Level-up project’ was filmed with 5 members. “There was a theme of travel, so I didn’t know what we were doing, but because they did it together, the crew asked us a lot about what we like.”

On the other hand, “I missed other members when audio was quite,” she said. He replied, “Sometimes I need a greasy atmosphere, but when I’m too quiet, it’s a pity.”

Irene also said that she is a character with little speech, and she turned the ball to PD Kim Ji-sun, who edited, “I was worried about whether it should be subtitled or not.”

Meanwhile, ‘Level Up Irene & Seulgi Project’ is a spin-off version of Red Velvet’s exclusive reality, ‘Level Up Project’, which celebrates the first unit of Red Velvet, and contains a special daily creation project of only’Ah’ Irene and’Sul’ Ki. It is a program. Broadcast every Wednesday at 11:00 a.m.


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