‘Psycho, but it’s okay’ 3 weeks in a row Topical topics 1st.. Seo Yeji and Kim Soo-hyun performers 1st and 2nd

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Shin Young-eun]

tvN ‘Psycho But It’s OK’ succeeded in maintaining the top spot for the drama for 3 consecutive weeks. There was a controversy over sexual harassment in the last episode, and there was a sharp confrontation between netizens regarding sexual harassment. Drama performer’s topic, Seo Ye-ji, 1st, and Kim Soo-hyun, 2nd.

KBS2 ‘Once Again’ has dropped slightly (-2.44%) in topicality compared to last week, but kept the No. 2 spot in the drama for 5 consecutive weeks. Comments were poured. Drama performers, Choi Cho-hee, Lee Sang-yup, and Lee Min-jung won the 8th to 10th positions side by side.

SBS ‘Backstreet Rookie’ rose slightly (+3.88%) in topicality compared to last week, and ranked third in the drama for three weeks in a row. There is still a negative view on the drama, and some have commented that they are enjoying watching. Kim Yu-jung and Ji Chang-wook ranked third and seventh in the drama cast topic category respectively.

The 4th place in the topic of drama was tvN ‘My unfamiliar Family’, and the topic rose by 22.35% compared to the previous week and succeeded in breaking its own highest score. Each time, it gave a shocking ending, and the reaction that it was excitingly watched was frequent, and it was a great topic that Kim Ji-suk realized his feelings toward Han Ye-ri. Han Ye-ri ranked fifth in the drama cast.

tvN ‘Oh My Baby’ rose to the fifth place in the drama with a 27.14% increase in topicality compared to last week. There were many comments that it was more difficult to develop toward the second half, but there were favorable comments about Jang Na-ra and Gojun’s chemistry. Jang Na-ra placed 6th in the topic of drama cast.

The sixth place in the drama was MBC ‘Kkondae Intern’, which ended with a 45.66% decrease in topicality compared to last week. It was popular that they watched a pleasant drama after a long time, and it was said that they were satisfied with the ending. Also praised by Kim Eung-soo’s actors.

Next, drama topic 7th is KBS2’s new ‘Run for the Election’, 8th is MBC ‘Would You Like to Have Dinner’ (10.96% decrease in topic compared to last week)’, and 9th is TV CHOSUN ‘Wind and cloud and rain 16.09% decrease), followed by KBS2 ‘dangerous promise (2.16% decrease in topicality compared to the previous week)’.

This research was conducted by Good Data Corporation, a TV topical analysis agency, from 21 June to 5 July 2020, and targets 21 dramas that are being broadcast or scheduled to be broadcasted. News articles, blogs/communities, videos, and netizens in SNS The results were analyzed and released on July 6.


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