SF8 ‘Manshin’ Lee Yeon-hee, Bleached hair+ Motorcycle Comeback with ‘Transformation’

[Reporter Seong Jung-eun of Daily Economy Star Today]

Lee Yeon-hee is a motorcycle rider with a bleached hair, showing a previous transformation.

Lee Yeon-hee played the role of’preferred’ character who uncovered the hidden secret in SF8 ‘Manshin’ (Director Roh Duk, produced by DGK SUFILM), which depicts a society that blindly believes in the artificial intelligence fortune service boasting high hit ratio.

In this work, Lee Yeon-hee will maximize her immersion in the drama by providing a chic atmosphere that is totally different from the previously shown image with an unprecedented visual, such as riding a motorcycle and showing bleached hair and wearing freckles.

“I wanted to play the role of expressing my thoughts freely in my own world. In that sense, ‘Manshin’ was a work that allowed me to experience new things, so I shot it very interestingly.”

Lee Yeon-hee has shown a wide spectrum of acting by stably digesting everything from action to romance in her latest film MBC ‘The Game: Towards 0 o’clock’, and she is raising a lot of expectations and interests in what she will do with this work.

SF8, which Lee Yeon-hee participated in, is a crossover project of movies and dramas with the theme of the story of future humans dreaming of a complete society through technological development.It will be released in advance on the 10th of wave, and is scheduled to air on MBC in August.

Meanwhile, on June 2, Lee Yeon-hee married a senior non-celebrity boyfriend.


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