Shin Ae-ra,’My Lovely child’, My mother was diagnosed cancer while taking care of my children

[Reporter Seong Jung-eun of Daily Economy Star Today]

Dr. Oh Eun-young shows tears when Shin Ae-ra confesses her mother’s diagnosis of cancer, who has helped her.

On Channel A, which is broadcast on the 10th, the story of a grandmother who is raising her grandchildren instead of her son and a 6-year-old child who’s addicted to a smartphone appeared instead of a mother who attends work.

On this day, in the video released in advance, the daily life of the grandfather’s struggling childcare, which is played together on the playground for the goldfish, and taken away when going home is revealed.

Shin Ae-ra, who watched the video, said, “My mother, who took care of my child after I gave birth to my first child, was diagnosed with cancer, but I couldn’t do anything on my own.”

Oh Eun-young, who listened to Shin-Aera, said, “When I look at your mother’s daily parenting routine, I remember all the parents raising their grandchildren.”

On the other hand, a child is screaming at the mother who wants to stop her using smartphone, and even looks at kicking her to surprise the cast. Eventually, the grandmother put the smartphone on a high place out of reach, but the child goes up to the chair to take the smartphone again and escapes the grandmother into the bed.

Dr. Oh Eun-young, who sees this, points out the grandmother’s behavior, saying, “She didn’t give a definite instruction not to use a smartphone, and it was just a matter of stealing and not stealing.”

Dr. Oh Eun-young is the backdoor who gave a personalized urgent prescription for not only a smartphone problem, but also another problem.

You can check out Oh Eun-young’s special prescription for the child to solve the problem of a child falling into a smartphone, and the changed her spot after on-the-spot coaching on Channel 10 at 10:30 (Friday).

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