Shin Hyun-joon, “Gapjil against my manager? It’s a ridiculous false claim…I will reveal the position” (Official)

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Kim So-yeon]

Actor Shin Hyun-joon refuted the suspicion.

On the 9th, Shin Hyun-joon announced on the daily economy Star Today that he would announce it after arranging his position, saying, “It is an unreasonable false claim that can refute all claims.”

Earlier on this day, Sports Today revealed an interview with Kim Kwang-seop, the former manager of Shin Hyun-joon (52), through an article titled  ‘I’ve thought about suicide for 13 years… Representative Kim said that he had suffered from Shin Hyun-joon for 13 years and even thought of death in deep disappointment.

According to reports, Kim made a relationship with Shin Hyun-joon and started working as a manager with Shin Hyun-joon’s suggestion and worked together since 1995. For the next two years, he received 600,000 won per month, and 1 million won afterwards. He made a verbal promise to pay one-tenth of the profits if I brought in a work or advertisement instead of paying the salary, but it was not observed.

Mr. Kim also said that in addition to enduring Shin Hyun-joon, who reported abuses and complaints, he also had to take care of Shin Hyun-joon’s mother. Shin Hyun-joon’s mother asked her to report her son’s situation and regards every day. He added that he had personal car wash and shopping errands.

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