‘Simple arrangement’ →’Summer vacation’, minimal life entertainment trend

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Shin Young-eun]

This summer, the ‘minimal life’ entertainment that empties both the body and mind is catching the eye. The main characters are tvN ‘simple arrangement’, ‘A house with wheels’, ‘summer vacation’ and Olive ‘Sikvengers ‘.

‘Minimal life’ is a lifestyle trend pursuing minimalism, aka ‘living simply’. They seek to be small and to be faithful to the values of life they need. While emptying a complicated mind, it is often spotlighted as an’aesthetic of emptying’ because it means that I look back on myself, and recently, the ‘minimal life’ entertainment that uses these trends as different materials has attracted much attention.

‘Simple arrangement’ (directed by Kim Yu-gon, Kim Sang-ah), which is broadcast at 10:30 every Monday night, is an entertainment that helps Shin Aera, Park Na-rae, and Yoon Gyun-sang clean up the client’s house and change the complex daily life simply and clearly. They focus on organizing your thoughts and slimming your daily life so that their clients can simply leave past values and memories, while leaving the values essential for their clients to lead a life. It is said that in this process, the client’s life is looked around and held together for fun. The best point of this TV show is place creators. They effectively transforms the space by relocating the client and the extruded objects. Nor does it throw away the surplus. It adds meaning by using various useful methods such as sharing. This process brings viewers to catharsis. The first client, Yoon Kyun-sang, said after seeing a clearly simplified house, “I finally got my mind complicated and the quality of life improved.”

Seong Dong-il, Kim Hee-won, and Yeo Jin-gu are invited to acquaintances aboard a small, moving house and spend precious time. ‘A house with wheels(directing Gang Gung)’ uniquely simplifies everyday patterns by discarding realistic concerns such as greed for the house. Their daily routine in a wheeled house is not complicated. Drag the house and drive, then stop anywhere they want. If they’re hungry, eat foods and sleep when they’re sleepy. Gong Hyo-jin, La Miran, and Hye-ri, etc., customers who have visited so far are also quickly incorporated into the pattern of ‘A house with wheels’. Eat when they want to eat, and go for a walk when they want to walk. Most of all, enjoy themselves as they are day after day, emptying your worries in reality. Their minimal life stimulated the desire of many viewers, exceeding the average household 5.0% and 6.3% in three times and renewed their highest viewership rating (based on paid platform, Nielsen Korea).

‘Summer vacation (directed by Lee Jinju)’, first broadcast at 9:10 pm on Friday, the 17th, is a home-canning reality for adults who enjoy a daily life like traveling in an unfamiliar place and find the balance between their tired body and mind. In their ‘summer vacation’, which is just great to hear, it is the worry of daily life and reality. It’s more like recharging the power to spend your daily life again by leaving your daily life for a while and clearing out complicated thoughts. Actress Jeong Yu-mi and Choi Woo-sik have confirmed their appearances, and are attracting a lot of attention. Outside of the gorgeous but busy city, Jung Yu-mi and Choi Woo-sik enjoying a new life focusing only on the body and mind will ensure healing and laughter.

There is another dimension of minimal life. Olive Sikvengers (directed by Kim Kwan-tae), who opened the restaurant’zero waste’. Bong Tae-gyu, Moon Ga-young and Moon Bin run the restaurant, and Chef Song Hoon, Yoo Bang-won, Kim Bong-soo serves as the kitchen to open ‘Zero Restaurant’ as a surplus food material for various food locations in Korea to showcase various dishes. The ‘zero-waist food’ pursued by these ‘Sikvengers ‘ is to make new dishes using the ingredients left behind without exhaustion. Instead of the comfort of the moment of throwing away the leftovers, by reducing the waste of waste through worries, we challenge the realization of a meaningful but meaningful eco-friendly value. ‘Sikvengers’ naturally leads viewers to zero waste by showing the possibility of using surplus ingredients. Green onions such as green onions and onion peels are naturally fragrant greens, and egg whites that are not used in the main dish turn into crispy dumpling skin. This is an opportunity to not pass the remaining ingredients at home while approaching with another visual enjoyment. The ‘good influence’ that the cast members wanted to talk about is broadcasted at 7:40 PM on Olive and tvN every Wednesday at the same time, and is spreading with the program.


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