‘Voice trot’ Kim Chang-Yeol, Tears of Tears for the Dead

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Kim So-yeon]

Singer Kim Chang-yeol will be on the stage for his deceased father.

In the MBN entertainment program ‘Voice Trot’ (planned and directed by Park Tae-ho), which will be broadcast for the first time on the 10th, Kim Chang-yeol will present a stage of tears for his late father. ‘Voice Trot’ is the first trot survival program unfolded by 80 superstars for the first time in Korean broadcasting history.

Kim Chang-yeol said, “Thanks to my father for watching me in the sky, I was able to live a good life with a good idea.

Kim Chang-yeol, who selected Na-Hoon-A’s ‘Young-Young,’ said a sad story, “The song that my father liked in his lifetime.” When you are alive, you can’t call it, so you pour your heartache into the ‘Voice Trot’ stage.

On the stage, Kim Chang-yeol is quite nervous, unlike his usual image. It is said that the stars who applied for ‘Voice Trot’ were more affectionate than any other program. ‘Naughty man’ Kim Chang-yeol is no exception.

Kim Chang-Yeol has just completed his own ‘Young Young’ with a unique cool, high-pitched tone, as if when he started to sing. However, as soon as the stage was over, my legs were loosened and I almost sat down and surprised everyone.

MC Kim Yong-man, who watched it by the side, said, “It is the first time I see Kim Chang-yeol become nervous like this.” “I was worried about ruining it. Even now, my whole body is trembling.” He revealed his impression of completing the first stage of the former survival boy trot.

Can Kim Chang-yeol’s Trot capture the hearts of the legendary judges?   And what will be the true stage for their father. The main broadcast of ‘Voice Trot’ is more awaited.

Meanwhile, ‘Voice Trot’ is a no-commissioning project where the hidden trot celebrities of the entertainment industry are fighting for a single crown to win a single crown. Singer Nam Jin, Hye Eun Lee, Kim Yeon Ja, Jin Sung, and Park Hyun Bin participated as legend judges. ‘Voice Trot’ will be aired for the first time on the 10th at 9:50 pm


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