‘Was it Love?’ Song Ji-hyo Roller Coaster Day Notice

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee of Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Was it Love?’ predicted a day of Song Ji-hyo’s roller coaster, which is not windy.

In the first episode of the JTBC drama ‘Was it Love?’ aired on the 8th (played by Lee Seung-jin, director Kim Do-hyeong, produced by JTBC Studio, Gil Pictures), it became an unscheduled single mom in twenty three, but one day I woke up with positive power Noh Ae-jung (Song Ji-hyo), who has been living hard for the day, has been painted for the past 14 years. The dream of a film she had to give up seemed to come true as she became a thumb film producer. However, ‘No”s life couldn’t be changed to ‘Yes’ one morning, because Wang’s representative (Kim Byung-chun) dived, and he was able to hold a billion won in debt.

Despite the pain and sadness, Noh Ae-jung went back to the ‘loan company’, Nine Capital and its representative Gu Pa-do(Kim Min-jun), where Wang lent money. She trembled for a while at his terrible force, but curiously pulled out a trading card, paying back debts with a work of star writer, Cheon Yok-man. However, even though it is not 100 million won, she was given a mission to recruit even the top actor Ryu Jin (Song Jong-ho). It is like ‘mission impossible’ for a new producer to recruit a coveted star writer and an actor who is about to advance into Hollywood, but there is no renunciation in the dictionary of affection with unwavering will and commitment.

However, affection has been in trouble since the first mission. Oh Dae-oh (Son Ho-jun), her ex-boyfriend, was standing in a position to meet the star writer Cheon Yok-man. The fact that he was the star writer Cheon Yok-man made the situation even worse. With the affection that came to ask for a movie scenario, I have no choice but to become a thorough’e’. No wonder, looking at the still-cut released today (9th) ahead of the main broadcast, she thinks it will not be easy to get through this crisis. The face of affection faced with an unexpected ex-boyfriend is embarrassed and embarrassed. On the other hand, Dae-oh is ‘up’ from shoulder to shoulder, and sees elation, so the contrast between the two is extreme. Will the positive power of affection,’I can do it’ work?

The steel-cuts released together also add curiosity to the affectionate day. The affectionate face in front of the terrifying old school also sat down with an enchanted face, with its head full of water. Even the eyes that seem to be unable to make a sound, the angry muscles, and the tremendous old wave of the force, even when still, are pushing money borrowers. Even if affection failed the mission, there is a cool tension.

The production team said, “Song Ji-hyo, a novice film producer who was united with positive power, was given a mission that seemed impossible. In the 2nd episode to be aired today (9th), the mission performer of affection left and right will begin in earnest. “Please look forward to how affection will pass through a day like a roller coaster without a windy day.” I added until.

The second episode of’our love’, which is expected to see if our positive affection will succeed in the billionaire and Ryu Jin subsidies and return to gold, will be aired on JTBC at 9:30 on Thursday (9th) today.

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