‘Welcome. First time in Korea?’ Jang Min, the first honeymoon hous show “My wife makes coffee with a millstone”

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Kim So-yeon]

In ‘Welcome. First time in Korea?’

In the special edition of MBC EveryOne entertainment program ‘Welcome. First time in Korea?’ Greece’s Andreas and South African Justin, who’ve been living in Korea for 5 years.

Andreas’ hair loss overcoming period will be revealed in the broadcast on this day. Justin, his best friend, has prepared a special day for Andreas, who is struggling with hair loss. The couple bought Seoritae, which is known to be good for hair loss, and then said, “I have a friend who is good at soybean noodles.”

The identity of a friend who is good at bean noodles is model Jang Min. Andreas and Justin asked the Jang Min to make bean soup, thanks to bean soup. So Jang Min showed a passionate appearance by taking out the millstone at home. When his friends saw the millstone and were surprised, Jang Min said, “My wife makes coffee with a millstone.”

A close friend of three, who challenged to make bean noodles with confidence. However, unlike the three men’s ambitions, bean noodles has gradually turned into a shocking visual.

On the other hand, the new newlyweds of the new bride and groom in the first year of marriage also attracted attention. Jang Min’s newlyweds released for the first time in the broadcast can be confirmed through the broadcast.

Jangmin’s newlyweds, which will be released for the first time on the air, can be found today (9th) at 8:30 pm at MBC EveryOne’Welcome to Korea?


Photo| MBC Every One
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