‘Editor’ Jang Min-ho X Kim Soo-chan X Kim Yo-han,’Hung Explosion’ Jang Min-ho Crew

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Park Se-yeon]

Jang Min-ho, Kim Soo-chan and Kim Yo-han formed a ‘Jang Min-ho Crew’.

In the KBS2 ‘Fun-staurant’, which is broadcast on the 10th,’Normal trend’ trot singer Jang Min-ho first appeared as a new edition. Along with this, ‘Semi-Tropical Trot Prince Kim Soo-chan’ and ‘Taekwon Boy Kim Yo-han’ of ‘People Restaurant’ will appear as Special MC and make a’Face Restaurant’ full of laughter and excitement.

It is said that ‘Fun-staurant’ on this day started with a full-fledged start and Taekwondo boy Kim Yo-han showed off a dazzling and attractive sexy dance, which warmed up the atmosphere of ‘Fun-staurant’. Following that, Kim Yo-han showed even a second-stage kick in the national treasure class and opened everyone’s eyes.

However, the stage of the’explosion’ of ‘Fun-staurant’ did not end here. Trot version of BTS, Jang Min-ho, went to the center of the stage with Kim Soo-chan and Kim Yo-han. It is said that the three of them showed a surprise stage on the fly in line with Jang Min-ho’s exciting song ‘Reverse Life’.

In the EDM trophy rhythm with shoulders, the charming and exciting voice of Jang Min-ho, Kim Soo-chan’s full-fledged remnant dance, Kim Yo-han’s gorgeous and cute dance, and Jang Min-ho’s idol-born footage have been combined to complete the exciting explosion stage. In particular, three people who showed breath so perfect that they could not believe that they were formed on the spot had a nickname of ‘Jang Min-ho crew’, which created more curiosity.

It was said that even the members of the ‘Fun-staurant’ who faced the stage of ‘Jang Min-ho Crew”s instant ‘reverse life’ were unable to control the excitement. In particular, it is a message that everyone, such as Lee Kyung-gyu, who rarely gets up from the seat, got up and danced with excitement, could not hide the surprise. The broadcast is 10:40 on the 10th.


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