Kim Ji-ho “I want to take off a rumor of good relationship with my husband, Kim Ho-jin”

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Actress Kim Ji-ho appears on a TV show ‘You are My Destiny 2’

Actress Kim Ji-ho appears as a special MC in the SBS entertainment program ‘You are My Destiny2 ‘. After a long absence, Kim Ji-ho captured the studio all at once in a recent video recording of ‘You are My Destiny 2’ with a hairy conversation.

Kim Ji-ho, who married 20-year-old ago, surprised the MCs by saying, “I want to explain about a rumor of a good relationship with my husband, Kim Ho-jin.” (My couple) is similar to Jung Chan-sung’s couple. We often have arguments. We are like friends.”

In addition, Kim Ji-ho said, “I don’t know why I need to celebrate the anniversary,” and revealed a cool face, which evoked the deep sympathy of MC Kim Sook. “I don’t care much about the anniversary,” said Kim Ji-ho. “It’s just a different tomorrow from yesterday, another tomorrow. “I don’t think so special.”

It is said that Kim Ji-ho celebrates her daughter’s birthday, but her husband, Kim Ho-jin, does not have a special birthday for the lunar calendar. MCs said, “The date of the lunar calendar also appears on the mobile phone.” Kim Ji-ho said, “I know. But I wasn’t interested in that much,” she replied. This is the back door of Kim Ji-ho’s honest hairy charm that MC Kim Sook said, “A new character has appeared.”

The story of the special MC actor Kim Ji-ho can be found on ‘You are My Destiny 2’broadcast on the 13th at 10:20 pm.

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