‘King of Mask Singer’ Shin Hyo-beom, So Chan-hui, IZ*One Sakura, Lee Chae-yeon and Lee Kyeong-young appear as judges

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Shin Hyo-beom, So Chan-hui, IZ*One Sakura, Lee Chae-yeon, and actor Lee Kyeong-young appear as judges of the “King of Mask Singer”.

On MBC ‘King of Mask Singer’, which will be aired on the 12th, the 2nd consecutive king ‘Miss Rose’, who ended the ‘era of the king of singer’, and the duet stage of 8 masked singers who challenged her will be revealed.

The 21 special judging teams include Korean ‘Whitney Houston’ Shin Hyo-beom, 5 consecutive wins ‘Nangrang 18 years old’, So Chan-hui, ‘Danger Terminator’, Sandara Park, lovely girl band members IZ*One Sakura & Lee Chae-yeon, 129th queen of singer ‘Jinju’ Park Hye-won, ‘Hip-Hop Scene’ Rhythm Power’s members,  ‘Walking Encyclopedia of K-pop’ Jung Mo, Comedian Oh Nami, Turbo Kim Jung-nam, Verivery Kang Min & Yeonho newly joined together to provide fun with rich reasoning.

On this day, ‘King of Mask Singer’, Korean representatives Diva Shin Hyo-beom and So Chan-hui will gather together in one place to show their unprecedented entertainment. They, like the big sisters of the music industry, mention the names of young singers and add great power to reasoning.

In addition, actor Lee Kyeong-young, who was rarely seen in entertainment, is making a special appearance in ‘King of Mask Singer’ and is raising expectations. He appeared as an acquaintance of a masked singer and said, “The masked singer and I are 10 years keeper.”

In addition, expectations are rising for Sakura of IZ*One and Lee Chae-yeon, the first judges of the “Singer of Mask Singer”, who have been a big topic since the trailer. It is said that they played an active part in the reasoning of the idol’s third year.

The duet stage of the talented masked singers, the amazing identity, and the outstanding performance of the judges will be unveiled at 6:20 pm ‘King of Mask Singer’ this Sunday.


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