Maddox ‘Sleep’,’Heart Signal 3′ BGM appeared…focused attention

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Idagyeom]

Singer Maddox’s single ‘Sleep’ is on the buzz once again.

Maddox’s’Sleep’ appeared in the last story of Channel A ‘Heart Signal Season 3′(hereinafter referred to as ‘Heart Signal’), which ended its history with its highest audience rating on the 8th.

BGM, which naturally melted in the scene where Kim Kang-yeol and Cheon In-woo lightly drink beer and didn’t have a good expression during the day, has been noted among viewers after the end of the program.

The netizens said, “It was a song I knew originally, but I was so glad to hear it at an unexpected moment.” And various reactions.

Maddox’s single ‘Sleep’, released last month, is a song that expresses that I am ‘sleeping’ when I am alone and make me overcome my imperfectness.

Meanwhile, after the single release, Maddox is communicating with listeners through online concert and Vlog.

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