“Poppopo” will start again as “Poppopo Friends”…We can watch it on YouTube

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Park Se-yeon]

In the 1980s and 1990s, MBC ‘Poppopo’, a representative children’s program in Korea, that brought children to the TV every morning, is born.

While maintaining the basic spirit of “Poppopo”, “Educational Program for Children”, it reflects the content consumption habits of children accustomed to using smart devices, and moves beyond the TV program framework to “poppopo friends” as a digital content. ‘do.

‘Poppopo Friends’ is premium edutainment content that both children and parents can satisfy with MBC, Hong Dangmu, and Daekyo jointly investing and participating in specialized contents and advisors from children.

‘Poppopo Friends’, which applies the Nuri course for preschool children, plays the educational contents of various fields such as emotion, psychology, physical activity, and knowledge information of children by appearing with the newly developed charming characters and representative characters of ‘Poppopo’ It is configured to be fun and fun to learn by singing, dancing, and dancing.

In a situation where kids content pursuing only fun and stimulation overflows, new content is uploaded on YouTube every day as ‘Poppopo Friends’ differentiated with high-quality educational contents that are fun for children and give trust to parents. In addition, starting on MBC TV broadcast on the 13th, you can meet on various platforms such as cable and IPTV.


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