‘Shall we eat dinner together?’ Song Seung-heon, Seo Ji-hye, Lee Ji-hoon, Son Na-eun Picked 4 best Scenes

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Song Seung-heon, Seo Ji-hye, Lee Ji-hoon, and Son Na-eun of ‘Shall we eat dinner together?’ revealed the most memorable scenes and famous metabolism.

The MBC drama ‘Shall we eat dinner together?’ shows an unpredictable story and an ending that inspires curiosity every week and burns the audience’s heart. With the interest of viewers soaring every time they watched, we looked at the famous scenes and famous metabolism directly selected by the 4 main actors who are showing the sum of beauty visuals.

#Song Seung-heon,’The moment of exchanging comfort with a loved one’

Song Seung-heon, a psychiatrist Kim Hae-kyung, shows human beauty as well as a chemistry with Seo Ji-hye as couple, “I remember the scene Do-hee (Seo Ji-hye) visited, hugging Hae-kyung who suffered the death of his mother. It seems to have touched this mind.” He also said, “I have eyes for happiness, but I have no eyes for misfortune, I just pick opponents randomly,” which appeared in the first or second episode. “After the first meeting with Do-hee, Hae-kyung was also a comfort word, and it was a comfort for myself to act,” she said.

#Seo Ji-hye, ‘Kim Hae-kyung and Woo Do-hee’s Special First Meeting’

Seo Ji-hye, who played the role of Woo Do-hee, a lovely girl who meets Kim Hae-kyung (song Seung-heon) and gradually falls in love with him after being emotionally  hurt by her ex-boyfriend, said, “I remember the beach scene that Kim Hae-kyung and Woo Do-hee first met is impressive to me.” She said, “The first meeting of the two people was fun and well drawn, and the viewers liked it a lot, so I think more.” In addition, the title of the title, which implies the fateful meeting between Kim Hae-kyung and Woo Do-hee, was also cited as a great ambassador.

#Lee Ji-hoon, Jung Jae-hyuk’s painful inside that seemed to be perfect

Lee Ji-hoon of Jeong Jae-hyuk, who has a warm appearance and perfect specs, but has a deep-hearted illness, said, “It was the moment when the scene where Jeong Jae-hyuk (Lee Ji-hoon) sneaked into Do-hee’s house looking for photos of memories was the most tense.” In particular, he explained the reason that he was more memorable because he had a lot of worries about portraying feelings of vomiting while losing reason.

#Son Na-eun, “Can I call you sister?” Do-hee X No-eul Chemistry

Son Na-eun, who played the role of ‘Jin No-eul’ who can’t be hated by her aloof appearance and warm-heart, gave a reversal to a dinner scene where Woo Do-hee and Jin No-eul called each other, having pizza and beer. She said “It was the scene I remembered the most because it was a scene where two people had a good time together. I was left with the regret that I wanted to shoot more.” As the most impressive dialogue, she said “I would like to have dinner together,” and said, “The actors in the ‘like me’ seem to have a different meaning because they are the ambassadors who have played at least once.”

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