‘She knows Everything’ Kim Kang-min, the secret eyes didn’t look good… He’s the key of murder.

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Actor Kim Kang-min emerged as a key supporting role in the murder case in’Mitsuri Knows’.

Kim Kang-min appeared on the 8th as a questionable courier, Bae Jin-woo, who wandered around the palace apartment where the murder occurred in MBC’s tree drama ‘She knows everythink’ (played by Seo Young-hee/Director Lee Dong-hyun). Showed an intense room.

In the episode 2 episode 9 on the 9th, Kim Gang-min sneaked into the home of the deceased Yang Soo-jin (Park Seo-ah) and put her items in an empty box, while holding red lipstick and staring at himself in the mirror, making a dress by using Soo-jin’s cosmetics. The fun of the play was added to the character.

In addition, as a helper of Lee Gung-bok (Kang Sung-yeon), In Ho-cheol(Cho Han-sun) leaves to rescue Seo Tae-hwa (Kim Do-wan), testifying what witnessed in the murder of Yang Soo-jin. In Ho-cheol was a main figure to reveal the truth of murder.

In response to Lee Gung-bok’s question, asking Seo Tae-hwa, “Did you kill her?”, Kim Kang-min said, “I saw my neck hanging around.” He said, “It’s more. It’s not the sixth floor that Yang Su-jin fell, but it’s higher.”

Following the announcement of a strong first appearance as a questionable courier, Kim Kang-min, who emerged as a key figure as a helper and witness of a murder case, raises expectations about the impact of solving the case in the future.

Kim Kang-min is a rookie who announced his face in SBS ‘Stogrig’ and tvN ‘Sageful Doctor’s Life,’ and plans to take a definite eye-painting through this’Missy Knows’.

This is a mystery event that tracks suspects over the suspicious death in a reconstructed apartment that says ‘She knows everything.’ Three episodes will be broadcast on the 15th at 9:30 pm.


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