William, happy worries about gifts…”There’s no place to stor”

[Daily Economy Star Today Lee Hae-jeong Intern Reporter]

Sam Hammington’s first son, William, is in trouble.

On the 10th, on the official Instagram account of William on the 10th, “Oh, What about these many gifts~ But I even don’t have time to open it! I really got this much! It’s the first time I’ve received so much”. Several photos were posted along with.

In the photo, William is looking at the wall and bowing his head, suffering. William showed off cute fashion in red striped t-shirts, jeans, and green socks. In particular, William looks so lovey with folded jeans. Even the troubled figure, the loveliness itself, William’s appearance relieves the fatigue of his aunts.

The netizens who saw the photos showed their affection for William, such as “Too cute”, “Is there any gift I have given”, “Popular William”.

Meanwhile, Australian broadcasters Sam Hammington, son William, and Bentley brothers have been greatly loved in the KBS2 entertainment program’Superman is Back’.


Photo| William SNS

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