Ahn Sun-young, work in the entertainment community without agency… “I want to be confident in all my activities”

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Lee Da-gyeom]

Ahn Sun-young, a broadcaster, will work in the entertainment industry without agency.

Ahn Sun-young recently concluded a four-year exclusive contract with the IK Company TN Entertainment Division and declared a stand alone.

Ahn Sun-young, who debuted in 1999 as the MBC 11th public bond comedy woman, has appeared in broadcasting activities such as dramas, movies, and current affairs programs. received.

In particular, Ahn Sun-young published ‘I Want to Love’ and ‘I Want to lose my weight’ in 2013 and 2018, in addition to a number of broadcasting activities, and revealed her prominence as a ‘health mentor’ of housewives in a love counselor. She has secured her positions as a business woman by planning and marketing healthy foods containing weight loss tips.

In addition, Ahn Seon-young is taking the lead in spreading positive influence by raising women’s re-employment and scholarship students through ‘online love flea market’ activities led for donation for 14 years. The donations raised by Ahn Sun-young are funded by the ‘Spring Dream Project’ fund for scholarships for the disabled, which are used to discover and support talented youths with disabilities in culture and art.

“I’m trying to do my best for what I can do now, rather than being greedy for many things. So, I haven’t offered or started a business as an agency. I will be a great person to be able to stand up to everything that takes my name, such as parenting and business as well as broadcasting activities. Please stay tuned.”

On the other hand, Ahn Sun-young has appeared in ‘King of Mask Singer’ and ‘Happy Together 4’ even in the midst of busy business due to parenting and business expansion. It is noteworthy that Ahn Sun-young, who showed ambition to build his own brand, is taking the next step.


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