Jung Ga-eun is having a medical treatment on a rainy day… “If it’s over 40, is that all?”

[Daily Economy Star Today Lee Hae-jeong Intern Reporter]

Broadcaster Jung Ga-eun has released a hospital selfie.

Jung Ga-eun posted a photo on her Instagram on the 13th with a smiley post saying, “Am I the only one? If you are over 40, are you all like this?

In the photo, Jung Ga-eun is wearing a mask and is lying down and receiving a hot compress. Medical devices are also attached to the shoulders because of the lumpy shoulders. The pain seems to be felt on the face without a cremator in a patient’s uniform.

When Jung Ga-eun’s photos were released, the netizens cheered, such as “It’s because of parenting,” “I’m sore, because of rain,” and “Ga-eun, please take a break.”

Meanwhile, Jung Ga-eun is appearing in JTBC’s current liberal arts program ‘Life Talk Show Turning Point’.


Photo| Jung Ga Eun SNS

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