‘Wife’s taste’ Kim Se-jin and Jin Hye-ji, a big match between legends… Volleyball legends appea

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee of Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Wife’s taste’ Kim Se-jin and Jin Hye-ji’s volleyball all-stars, who can only be seen in ‘Wife’s taste’, with members of ‘All-Star at home’, who took control of real-time search terms, unveiled a true game.

On the 14th (Tuesday) TV CHOSUN entertainment program ‘Wife’s taste, nowhere else in the world’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘Wife’s Taste’), in the 106th episode, Kim Se-jin and Jin Hye-ji, the brown bomber Shin Jin-sik, who showed a sense of entertainment through the last broadcast, Volleyball team Gang Dong-won, Kim Yo-han, and V-League Triple Crown Cho Jae-sung will reveal their meeting with the youth volleyball team.

Most of all, in the last week’s broadcast, the couple invited ultra-luxury-volleyball ‘Volleyball Legends’, such as Shin Jin-sik, Kim Yo-han, and Cho Jae-sung, dominating real-time search terms and sparking a topic. At the time, Kim Se-jin, who had shared her dream of forming a youth volleyball team, with the members of ‘Volleyball All-Star’ visits a prestigious elementary school for 40-year-old volleyball and takes the first step toward reaching that dream. In particular, at the time of meeting with the youth, Kim Se-jin and Shin Jin-sik, the legendary volleyball stars who swept the 90s and who led the ‘left and right twin myths’, are expected to reunite in 15 years after retirement and make the older brothers’ troops hilarious.

Kim Se-jin and Shin Jin-shik-Kim Yo-han, Cho Jae-sung were shocked and stimulated by the skills of volleyball players at Suyu Elementary School, and then threw their whole body as if they were back in the legendary days and started their volleyball one-on-one coaching. While teaching youth, Shin Jin-sik said, “Is it difficult to play volleyball?”

Subsequently, volleyball legends held a ‘personal card’ and held a ‘banquet volleyball matchup’ with youth players. When the team formation method was decided as a popular vote of the youth, the legends began to appeal by attracting the choice of the youth to ‘confront the river spike water bottle confrontation’. Moreover, in the ‘Beverage Battle Legend All-Star Volleyball Showdown’, Kim Se-jin and Shin Jin-sik focused their attention by presenting the historical volleyball match of the left and right for the first time 15 years after retirement.

While Kim Se-jin, Shin Jin-sik, and Kim Yo-han and Cho Jae-sung each teamed together, attention was paid to whether left Sejin-woo Jin-sik, who re-established in 15 years, could reproduce the fantasy combination that led the team’s 9 consecutive losing streak and prove the return of the brilliant legend. In addition, the youngest of the legends, active player Cho Jae-sung, was blinded by the desire to win, and threw a number of fireworks that sparked a spike toward the president, making the scene a sea of laughter.

The production team said, “It will be a time to reaffirm the charm of volleyball all-stars such as the volleyball emperor Kim Se-jin, Shin Jin-sik, and Kim Yo-han, whom we have not seen in the 106 episodes to be broadcast this week. I hope it will be a time to enjoy the memories of the 90’s when we cried and laughed with volleyball legends.”

Meanwhile, 106 episodes of the TV CHOSUN entertainment program,’Wife’s taste’ will be broadcast at 10 pm on the 14th (Tue).

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