Cho In-sung pictorial… “I don’t want to fool myself”

[Daily Economic Star Today, Reporter Hyun-Jung Han]

Actor Cho In-sung’s pictorial is a topic.

On the 14th, the magazine Harpers Bazaar released the cover of August’s August issue, which marked the Korean version of the cover for the 24th anniversary of its foundation.

In an interview conducted with pictorial photography, Cho In-sung said shyly, saying, “I often do interviews because of my work, but I don’t have much to say after the promotional season.

“It’s not easy to erase 100% awkwardness in front of the camera. Acting is a complex result of some tension, self-calculation, and emotion. It is my body, but there are times when I don’t like it. I think it always starts at zero value. That’s why it’s fun.”

In particular, this project was done with Fendi, a fashion house. Cho In-sung drew Fendi’s 2020 Free Fall collection, inspired by leisure wear, into a dreamy mood with a unique charismatic look and pose.

Also, ahead of the release of Ryu Seung-wan’s movie ‘Mogadishu’, he said, “Myself is my best friend.” I don’t want to cheat. I don’t know how honest I am to me and how others empathize with my mind. I think. As long as you try to do your best, you will know and respect for yourself.”

You can see the pictorial of Cho In-sung and the interview article on the August issue of Harpers Bazaar, website, and Instagram.

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