‘Cultwo Show’ Changmo #Namesake #Laziness #Red Velvet Fan cool talk (total)

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Singer Changmo revealed everything from an episode about his moniker, laziness to his love for Red Velvet.

On the 14th, SBS Power FM ‘2’o clock Escape Curltwo Show’, rapper Changmo appeared as a guest, and comedian Yoo Min-sang appeared as a special DJ. DJ Kim Tae-gyun introduced Changmo on this day and said, “He came over wearing a hood today. I have a feeling. You look hip.” “My son likes you,” Kim Tae-gyun revealed. Changmo said, “Hello, this is Changmo.”

On this day, Changmo revealed the story behind his moniker. Changmo said, “My family name is Koo. My apartment management uncle knows that my former senior ‘Koo Chang-mo’ lives in an apartment.”

When Kim Tae-gyun asked, “So did you remove the sphere and used it as a window opening?” Changmo said, “Yes, the original name is too many. KCM’s name is Kang Chang-mo…” “There are many people with the same name.”

When Yoo Min-sang asked, “Today, I really wore black clothes up and down like a medieval monk. Did you do this?” Changmo said, “Original clothes only have black clothes. I really like black.

When Kim Tae-gyun asked about the current situation, Changmo explained the situation where he was taking a break because of Covid-19, saying, “I should have to be on stage if it were not the outbreak of the virus”.

On this day, when Kim Tae-gyun asked, “It is said that you are the most popular rapper in the Korean hip-hop scene. What do you think?”, Changmo showed confidence in “how much is right”. “Then this person is more popular than me. Is there anyone who says that?” When he answered, “Jay Park, the Quiet, and the ax is better than me,” Yoo Min-sang was surprised and said, “I’m the best. Isn’t there anything like this?”

Changmo also revealed that he has a severe personality. “I want to play Changmo’s song to listeners, but most famous songs cannot be played because the deliberation has not passed,” he said. Changmo said, “Oh, I have to fix it, but it’s so annoying that I can’t fix it.” When Kim Tae-gyun asked, “Is it really annoying?”, she said, “Yes, it’s really annoying.” When Yoo Min-sang asked, “Isn’t it possible to deal with it?”

When Kim Tae-gyun introduced Changmo’s album and asked, “The first regular album released in November last year reached number one dozen times. Do you make a song yourself?” Changmo said, “Yes, I make it myself.”

When asked what his dream was, Changmo confessed, “I played the piano since I was five years old. Originally, the pianist was a dream.”

In addition, saying that Changmo lives in Mangwon-dong and there are many restaurants nearby, Yoo Min-sang asked, “Do you watch my program often?” When Changmo responded, “I often see it. I am frustrated because I want to eat it whenever I see it.” Yoo Min-sang suggested, “How can I do something like this with me and show me something?”

Then, in the ‘Quiz Theme Park’ corner, “Red Velvet Joy,” came out when a quiz was given to the listeners by Changmo who would like to feature in the next album. When Kim Tae-gyun asked, “Red velvet is out. Are you a fan?” Changmo confessed with surprise, “I am a huge fan of red velvet.

When Kim Tae-gyun said, “I like it very much. Irene and I had a good deal last week.” Changmo hurriedly said, “Let’s do it with me…”.

Lastly, Changmo aroused the curiosity, “The singer who wants to ask for feature is Sunmi.” When Yoo Min-sang asked, “Why isn’t it Red Velvet?” Changmo said, “I’m nervous and I can’t work.”

Changmo sent a feature love call to stern, saying, “I was surprised to hear that this new song was a very good night.”

Meanwhile, Changmo participated in Cheongha’s single album play (‘PLAY’) feature released on the 9th.


Photo| SBS Visible Radio Capture

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