‘Flower of Evil’ Jang Heejin “The daughter of a serial killer, attracted actingly”

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Shin Young-eun]

Actress Jang Hee-jin is transforming her image into a visual and precarious atmosphere in tvN’s new drama ‘Flower of Evil’.

tvN’s new drama ‘Flower of Evil’ (played by Jung-hee Yoo, director Kim Cheol-gyu) is a man who even played love, Baek Hee-sung (Lee Jun-ki) and his wife Ji-won (Moon Chae-won), who began to doubt his reality, and faced the truth that he wanted to turn away. It is a high-density emotional tracing play.

During the play, Jang Hee-jin played the role of Do Hae-soo, the daughter of a serial killer who has survived a terrible family history alone. The delicate visuals in the open steel and the precarious atmosphere that seems difficult to reach make her more aware of what secrets she is hiding, and her fate and family history.

In particular, she said, “The flowers in the ‘flower of evil’ were alive one by one.” Actress Jang Hee-jin (as Do Hae-soo), who has not seen her before, adds a new look and deep emotional acting, and adds expectations to the play.

In addition, the unique job of Do Hae-soo’s special makeup company is also interesting. In the words of Jang Hee-jin, “I’m working on filming as I prepare for a job by looking at the related video and seeing related videos.

In addition, in the happy daily life, various speculations continue with the connection between Baek Hee-sung, the couple of charges and Do Hae-soo, who have fallen into the trap of doubt, and what past history will be intertwined with reporter Kim Moo-jin (Seo Hyun-woo) chasing the scoop. ‘This unpredictable vortex of destiny is coming closer.

On the other hand, tvN’s new drama ‘Flower of Evil’ is directed by Kim Cheol-gyu of ‘Confession’,’Mother’, and ‘The Way to the Airport’, and author Yoo Jung-Hee of the original script, Lee Jun-Ki (played Baek Hee-Seung), Moon Chae-won(Cha Ji-won), and Jang Hee-jin , Seo Hyun-woo (by Kim Moo-jin) is an unbelievable and aspiring actor, broadcast on Wednesday, 29th at 10:50 pm.


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