Kim Chang-ok “I dreamed of a hair designer and makeup artist after the military discharge”

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee of Daily Economy Star Today]

Star teacher Kim Chang-ok said, “I had dreamed of becoming a male hair designer or male makeup artist after the military discharge.”

The first broadcast scheduled to be broadcast at 11 p.m. on Tuesday, the 14th, ‘Listen to everyone’s lecture value’, is a two-way collaboration lecture show that can fill the mind’s healing and knowledge.

With the title of ‘Maybe, that’s the story we wanted to hear’, we show empathy, consolation, and healing, and show customized healing lectures composed of ‘communication experts’ and ‘knowledge experts’ every time. In the first broadcast,’Communication Specialist’ Kim Chang-ok,’Knowledge Expert’ Kim Kyung-il, Ajou University’s Psychology Professor, presents various stories on the theme of ‘The World of Couples-Method of Communication’.

In this broadcast, Kim Chang-ok said, “In the light of the times, I had no choice but to prejudice that men have these jobs. But at that time, his girlfriend cheered with the words, “I hope you will do it because I think you will do well.”

Watching this, Kim Won-hee said, “So you can’t forget about her right now?”

The comedian Jung Tae-ho, who was a special guest on the day, revealed his special feelings by revealing the special gift he received from his wife.

After expressing his love for his wife on other broadcasts, he actively sympathizes with the content of the lecture and introduces the audience’s stories directly, making the studio more rich.

In particular, Jeong Tae-ho said in a lecture by Kim Chang-ok,’It is important to have faith and encouragement between couples.’ He said, “My wife told me to say ‘I just like Jeong Tae-ho’ rather than ‘Jeong Tae-ho’ as a comedian, but it was a great strength at the time.’

MBN ‘Listen to Value’ starts on the 14th and starts at 11:00 every Tuesday night.
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