Kim Ho-jung, “I met Director of the Gangwon Regional Military Manpower Commissioner.” Why?

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee of Daily Economy Star Today]

While Kim Ho-jung of ‘Tvarotti’ is on the verge of joining the military, he is curious as he is confirmed to have visited the office of the Gangwon Regional Military Manpower Administration.

On the 14th, SBS funE reported that he quoted an official from the Gangwon Regional Military Manpower Administration as saying that “it was true that Kim Ho-jung contacted me and the director and Kim Ho-jung met and ate at the cafeteria”, but it was a private meeting.

Previously, former manager Kim Ho-jung insisted that a woman in her 50s who had been active in the fan cafe at Kim Ho-jung asked the Commissioner of the Military Manpower Administration to postpone Kim Ho-jung’s enlistment.

In this regard, the Military Manpower Administration issued a press release on the 12th and officially denied Kim Ho-jung’s military service suspicion. “Kim Ho-jung is currently undergoing re-physical examination, and he will impose military service obligations in accordance with laws and principles.” The Commissioner of the Military Manpower Administration clearly stated that there has been no contact with anyone regarding Kim Ho-jung and that there has been no request. have.

Kim Ho-jung received an enlistment warrant on the 15th of last month, but has applied for acting. Entertainment, which shows the thoughts of Kim Ho-jung’s agency, also stated that it was “obvious falsehood and defamation” about the alleged attempts to make military-related preferences.

In addition, he announced that the situation of “military matters has been filed for re-examination as mentioned in the official position beforehand, and if it is impossible to postpone within the legal framework, we will prepare to join the military to fulfill the duty of defense.”
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