Kim Seong-eun, “I’ve already had a romantic relationship with my husband Jeong Jo-kuk, before Tak Jae-hoon introduced him to me”

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Kim So-yeon]

Actor Kim Sung-eun has released a love story with her husband, Jeong Jo-guk (Jeju United FC striker).

On the JTBC entertainment program ‘Yurang Market’ re-broadcasted on the 14th, Kim Sung-eun appeared as a guest.

On this day, Tak Jae-hoon told Kim Sung-eun, “Isn’t your husband the one I introduced?” and MCs were curious about the truth. In response, she said, “Indeed, I’ve already had romantic relationship with him even before you introduced him to me.”

She said, “I was in a secret love affair. Tak Jae-hoon was so close to Jeong Jo-guk that he was making a video call in the waiting room. He said,’Hello.’

“No, it’s my first time at the concert. I came to the concert to see my concert, but I came to the waiting room to greet him,” said Kim Sung-eun.

Photo| JTBC broadcast screen capture
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