Lee Doo-hee, the unexpected soon-to-be wife Ji-sook’ released… “She doesn’t have an umbrella”

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Kim So-yeon]

Programmer Lee Doo-hee revealed the cute everyday life of Ji-sook, the sweetheart.

On the 13th, Lee Doo-hee posted a photo on the Instagram with the text “Ji-sook 718, no umbrella”.

The photo shows Ji-sook avoiding the rain with her head upside down in the box. She’s lovely to walk with a plastic bag on your arm and walk on a rainy street with a box.

When the photos were released, the netizens responded with “too cute”, “box instead of umbrella”, and “overflowing creativity”.

On the other hand, Lee Doo-hee and Ji-sook couples will hold their wedding in October.


Photo| Doohee Lee SNS
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