Lee Yuri Poster… ‘Lies of Lies’ Looks like an eye + Strange atmosphere’Eyes’

[Daily Economic Star Today, Reporter Hyun-Jung Han]

Lee Yuri’s poster is the topic. In Channel A’s new drama,’Lies of Lies,’ the main poster containing the transformation of Lee Yu-ri was released.

Channel A’s new gold-tone drama’Lies of Lies’ (played by Kim Ji-eun/Director Kim Jeong-kwon/ Production Raemong Lane), which confirmed the first broadcast on September 4, is a suspense melodramatic drama of a woman who started to lie to give back her daughter.

Lee Yuri transforms from a daughter-in-law of the chaebol to a murderer of her husband, Ji Eun-soo. Particularly, she has already been interested in showing that she is going to show her heartless motherhood to face any hardships and hardships to get her daughter back.

Among them, Lee Yuri, who is emitting a strange aura with her eyes, attracts attention. The unveiled poster conveys the deep sadness and sadness of Ji Eun-soo, who faced great difficulties due to unexpected events. The phrase ‘dangerous lie that risked my life’ here amplifies my curiosity about the unpredictable story she will show.

In addition, as Yeon Jeong-hoon, who is a journalist Kang Ji-min, is passing by, her interests and expectations of the relationship between the two will be growing.

As for ‘Lies of Lies’, Korea’s representative OTT platform’Wave’ participated in the investment. On September 4, along with Channel A broadcast, the wave will be released exclusively online.


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