SF9 Dawon apologize… Controversial over his poor performance”I do soul-search”

[Daily Economic Star Today, Reporter Hyun-Jung Han]

A member of SF9 (SF Nine) member Dawon apologized for the attitude that broke out in ‘Relay Dance’.

Dawon said on the afternoon of the 13th, “There were many opinions about the relay dance,” and broadcasted Instagram live.

He said, “I’m not a representative, but I seemed to have to say one thing.” There is a part where I misinterpret the content. I think you should be upset about this. I think you should say it. Other viewers may be uncomfortable. From now on, I will show you how to work hard for each content according to the purpose.”

He said, “I think I’d be grateful if you would give me a wide amount.” “I think I should be clearly pointed out where I should be pointed out. I don’t have many experiences with this job itself. I’ll show you how it’s getting polished.” I bowed my head repeatedly.

Along with this, he added, “Don’t think that you are too bad. I will try harder, so cheer up a lot. I will sincerely reflect on it.”

Earlier, SF9 was controversial in the online community with the release of the new song’Let Summer Scent Let Me Dance’ through the digital studio M2 YouTube channel. Relay dance is the representative dance content of M2 where the idol group dances as a relay in one line rather than a choreography. Among them, Dawon was pointed out by some netizens, saying that it is a toxic choreography.


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