‘Steel Rain 2’ Shin Jeong-geun, North Korea’s nuclear submarine commander, charismatic explosion

[Daily Economic Star Today, Reporter Hyun-Jung Han]

The movie ‘Steel Rain 2: Summit’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘Steel Rain 2’, directed by Yang Woo-suk) unveiled the character stills of Shin Jeong-geun, who served as the deputy commander of North Korea’s nuclear submarine Baek Du-ho.

Following her active roles in the play, the movie ‘Strange Family’, ‘Chief Kim Chang-soo’, ‘Tunnel’, ‘Pirates: Bandit to the Sea’, ‘Going to the End’, drama ‘Mr. Sunshine’, ‘Hotel Del Luna’. Shin Jeong-geun, an all-around actor who showed a wide spectrum of acting without distinguishing fields, genres, and characters, will show another new face in ‘Steel Rain 2’ as Jang Ki-seok, the captain of the North Korean nuclear submarine Baek Do-ho.

Baek Doo-ho’s deputy commander, played by Shin Jeong-geun, is North Korea’s top strategist in submarine combat. He was the head of the submarine, the commander-in-chief of the general commander level, but, according to his belief as a soldier, was relegated to Baek Doo-ho’s commander against the military decision of the party. The discovery of the coup kidnapping not only the President of the United States (Angus McFadden), but also the North Korean chairman (Yeon-Seok Yoo) creates another tension within the nuclear submarine.

Through the role of Baek Du-ho, Shin Jeong-geun expressed his charismatic figure as a top strategist, and the deep inner side of a person who is worried about what the path is for his country is, with his own records and full-length acting. Shin Jeong-geun, who expresses various emotions with a cold voice and strong acting power to direct the operation and warm eyes that embrace suffering men, is expected to reveal a strong presence through ‘Steel Rain 2’.

Shin Jeong-geun said, “Director Yang Woo-suk saw the character of Baek Do-ho and was a poker face, but he was kind to the younger brothers. Hearing the story, he tried to approach with a friendly feeling.”

Director Yang Woo-suk said, “The submarine battle was invisible, but I thought it was similar to a blind swordsman in that I judged and fought everything with sound. That was also the image of Baek Doo-ho’s deputy commander, who was played by Shin Jeong-geun. Only hard-boiled acting was the most impressive actor in particular, so I seemed to have perfected this role.”

‘Steel Rain 2: Summit’ is a work that depicts a crisis situation just before the war after three leaders were kidnapped by a North Korean nuclear submarine during a North-South American summit. Jeong Woo-sung, Kwak Do-won, Yoo Yeon-seok, Angus McFadden and others appeared, and director Yang Woo-suk of ‘Steel Rain’ and ‘attorney’ caught the megaphone. Released on the 29th.


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