Suzy “The 10th anniversary of her debut, she struggled well” (Photo)

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Yang So-young]

Actress Suzy decorated the cover of the August issue of El.LE GIRL.

Fashion magazine ‘Elle’ released a pictorial with Suzy.

Suzy is having a busy day with the film ‘Wonderland’ and the drama ‘Startup’. In this cover pictorial with Dior, Suzy has a variety of costumes with natural hair and make-up, revealing the atmosphere of a mature goddess. If you look at the two types of covers that were released first, you can meet Suzy in a black jacket and long skirt, and Suzy in a seductive figure wearing a dress with a trim.

In an interview conducted with Suzy, she announced a meeting that marked the 10th anniversary of her debut on July 1st. Suzy, who hadn’t been able to feel the fact that it was the 10th anniversary, said, “Well, I had a hard time, it’s already been 10 years, just like this. If you think about it, the fans who were young at the time of their debut are now adults. In the end, I think I was able to do it for 10 years because it’s my favorite thing.”

Suzy, who changes in everyday patterns and thoughts this year when she is twenty-seven, said, “In the past, I didn’t realize that there was only one life. I think I can live again. But since this year, I have been feeling the finiteness of life. “Everything feels more pitiful, and there are some parts that are more daring,” she said.

More pictorial and interviews of Suzy can be found on the August issue of Elle and on the Elle website.


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