“Thirteen o’clock” Onara “Character like Cheongyang pepper…to be addicted to addiction”

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Actress Onara predicted an addictive charm.

MBC’s new tree drama, ‘Sipsiilban’ (played by Choi Kyung, directed by Chang-Gyu Jin), which will be broadcast for the first time on the 22nd, is a drama about the brainfighting of nine people gathered at the home of a famous painter over his fortune. A fresh genre called Black Comedy Mystery is attracting the attention of many viewers. In the midst of this, I asked actress Oh Na-ra, who will show a new acting transformation as the painter’s past role-playing, Wisdom, about ‘Sipsiilban’.

◆ “I am depicting myself acting all the way through the script”

Oh Na-ra, who succeeded in the box office success in each appearance, emerged as a ‘believing and watching actress’. Therefore, many fans are waiting for the ‘Sipsiilban’ simply by selecting Oh Na-ra. Then, why did Onara decide to appear in this work?

In this regard, Oh Na-ra said, “The whole time I read the script, I saw the acting of ‘Ji-hye’ over the script projected.” That was so much fun, and the characters seemed to pop in three dimensions. I felt like having fun while filming.” She explained why he appeared.

◆ “Wisdom is a character like’Cheongyang pepper’, spicy but addictive charm”

‘Ji-hye’, played by Oh Na-ra, is a model that has worked well in the past, and is also a painter’s past girlfriend. After giving birth to a child, the painter continued his splendid life with child support, but he was deceived several times because of his poor nature. He has a greed for money, but he can’t just hate it for some kind of loveliness.

When I asked my sister, who plays such a complex character, what kind of character’wisdom’ is, she responds wittyly, saying, “I think Ji-hye is a character with a certain presence like ‘Cheongyang pepper’.” You will also fall in love with the addictive charm of Ji-hye like the peppers you find.”

◆ “You will be able to see the country that you enjoy and play more than any other works.”

Oh Na-ra, an actress with various charms, showed a new charm in every piece. What charm can he see through this new drama? On this, she said, “If you have actor ‘Oh Na-ra’ and the qualifier ‘Eagerly’ has been followed, I think that the ‘enjoying’ modifier has been added through ‘Sipsiilban’.”

Next, she added a ‘enjoying’ modifier in front of herself, referring to the pleasant atmosphere of the scene, and said, ‘Energy armor sent by directors, cinematographers, writers, etc. who helped us to courage, believe, and express themselves to the fullest in the field. She wore ‘Wearing on shooting. You will be able to see the new look of the actress ‘Oh Na-ra’, who enjoys and plays more than any other work.”

The new transformation of addictive Oh Na-ra like Cheongyang pepper can be seen in MBC’s new mini-series ‘Sipsiilban’, which will be aired on the 22nd at 9:30 pm.


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