Yoon Jong-shin “Covid-19 tested negative… Thank you for worrying my mother’s health”

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Park Se-yeon]

Singer Yoon Jong-shin, who suddenly returned from the ‘Stranger Project’, received a negative decision as a result of the Covid-19 test.

On the 14th, Yoon Jong-shin revealed his test results, saying, “I’m glad I’ve traveled so many places, but I’m okay.” Covid-19 negative judgment results are shown in the photo.

“I would like to thank the friendly public health centers and dedicated public officials for the results coming out in 7 hours,” Yoon Jong-shin said.

On the 13th, Yoon Jong-shin revealed on his Instagram that “My mother suddenly returned to the country and was examined and self-separated. She must be healthy.”

I was worried about going around so many places, but I’m glad.

The results come out in 7 hours. Thank you to the friendly public health centers and dedicated public officials.

Thank you for worrying about my mother… I think you’ve passed over. I need to find it after I’m in quarantine.


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