Christopher Nolan ‘Tenet’, running time 150 minutes, 12-year-old spectator confirmed

[Daily Economic Star Today, Reporter Hyun-Jung Han]

Christopher Nolan’s new film, ‘Tenet’, running time was confirmed to be 149 minutes and 59 seconds. In Korea, it will be released as a 12-year-old spectator.

According to Warner Bros. on the 15th, the running time of ‘Tenet’ was finalized at 149 minutes and 59 seconds.

The Video Ratings Council recently said, “It is a movie about the activities of agents fighting against the forces of the future who want to destroy the world, scenes threatened by terrorists, shots of pistols, tortures tied to chairs, scenes of assault with gold bars, gunfights. There are scenes, but most are expressed in a concise or indirect manner, so the level of expression of violence and fear is normal.” “There are some simple drinking scenes, there are some vulgar and violent dialogues, but they are expressed at a low frequency, so they are more than 12 years old.” Explained.

‘Tenet’ is a multi-genre action blockbuster that changes the past that is currently in progress to prevent World War III against future attacks.

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