Dawon’s official position, “beat and bully” FNC “distorted claims” in suspicion of aggression [total]

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Lee Da-gyeom]

Amid the allegations of school violence by group SF9 member Dawon (25, real name Lee Sang-hyuk), the agency announced that it was a groundless rumor.

Mr. A, a netizen who was alumni of Dawon, elementary school and middle school, has recently claimed that he was bullied by Dawon through childhood through social media.

Mr. A said, “It’s nothing. I was a beaten sometimes, bullied, and verbally abused.” “In my memory, it was clear that he was bothering me, but after almost 10 years, your violence haunt me again,” he said.

Mr. A said, “When I went to back home after buying fried chicken, I encountered him, whom asked me to give some fried chicken. When I refused, he beat me.” , “When you tried to open it, you said you didn’t have any money, so you grabbed it and asked where you learned it.”

Next, Mr. A, who proved that he had spent his school days with Dawon as a graduation album, said, “If you see this article, don’t say that you will never apologize or regret.” It’s full.”

In relation to this, an official from FNC Entertainment, a member of SF9, said to Maeil Business Star Today on the 15th. “It is presumed to be the one who sent Dawon and school together. The rumor is absurd.”

Meanwhile, Mr. A is currently deleting the account.


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