‘Exercise fat’, Kim Min-kyung held Yeong-sik, who was teasing her

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Kim So-yeon]

Comedian Kim Min-kyung shows a beautiful look like ‘General Min-kyung’.

In comedy TV web entertainment ‘Exercise Fat from today’, which will be released on the 16th, Kim Min-kyung, who punishes the production team, will be revealed.

Kim Min-kyung, who challenged the rocking stretch by warming up before the full-scale Pilates exercise, discovered the appearance of Young-sik, smiling. In response to this, she said, “It’s not funny!” and Young-sik lied on the bottom to encourage her.

Nevertheless, as Young-sik continued to rattle and fail to take proper action, Kim Min-kyung, who was watching from the side, said, “Are you not going to lift it?”

In addition, when Kim Min-kyung said that it is difficult, “The attitude seems hard,” the writer said, so that she experienced it, and succeeded in gaining empathy.

Meanwhile, Young-sik surprised everyone by revealing the ‘Tesquat’ challenge with the production team.

Instructor Shim Eu-woom encouraged Kim Min-kyung to challenge 100 squats and said, “I want Kim Min-kyung to take the lead so everyone can do it.” In response, Kim Min-kyung raised the plate by saying, ‘I sent my eyes to the production team as if I wasn’t there,’ and Young-sik Lee said, ‘After two weeks, the production team will also do 100 squats together.’

The broadcast can be found on the YouTube channel ‘Delicious Guys’ at 6 o’clock this evening.


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