‘Junghee’ girlfriend #’Apple’ #Sexy concept #Tears shown to girlfriend at debut (general)

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The girl group girlfriend appeared in ‘Junghee’ and showed off various charms with the introduction of new songs.

A girl group Girlfriend appeared as a guest on MBC FM4U’s ‘Song of Hope at Noon Kim Shin-young’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘Jung-hee’) broadcast on the 15th. Girlfriend not only raised expectations on the new song ‘Apple’, but also attracted attention by showing a cool and dazzling appearance instead of the existing innocent.

On this day, Kim Shin-young introduced Girlfriend, saying, “I know idols well, but Girlfriend is the first idol to digest such various concepts. Concept restaurant, concept craftsman.”

Kim Shin-young thanked her for saying “Junghee” is the first radio broadcast after her girlfriend released her album. Then she said, “Tell me what you wants from ‘Junghee’.” Girlfriend asked with one voice, “Play ‘Apple’ every day in ‘Junghee’.”

In response to this, Kim Shin-young said, “Oh… I have to go out to Aunt Darby’s song…” Afterwards, Kim Shin-young accepted the offer and said, “Okay. PD plays on the coming Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.”

SinB went on to introduce a song about the new song ‘Apple’ on behalf of Girlfriend . She said “It is a song of girls who are shaken by temptation,” and added, “You will feel a little different from the previous album.”

Like SinB’s words, you may have felt a lot while trying a different color from the concept of purity in the past. In her group’s new song, ‘Apple’, she asked the testimony that he challenged the sexy concept and said, “Everyone had difficulties except for wishes.” Yuju replied, “The change was okay, but it was really difficult…”, and she expressed a feeling of pressure by blurring the end of the word, and Eunbi also said, “I was worried.

In response to this, Kim Shin-young actively cheered for the change of Girlfriend, saying, “It’s a form that you can’t see from Girlfriend, but if you watch a movie once, you’ll be really ‘wow.’

Kim Shin-young asked, “Tell me a member who can live well on an uninhabited island?”, and Umji said, “Our members are all very strong in survival, but I think Sowon will live well. She’s good at social life even with people.” She added, “Once she went wherever the physical bounced,” she added, laughing.

Then, for the member who should have been a celebrity, the SinB picked Yerin and said, “When I lived together, I didn’t know what Yerin’s real figure is. She’s really born-to-be celebrity.” Umji mentioned the tension of the Eunha. “The tension is too high. She is really a celebrity herself”. Kim Shin-young said, “One of these people must have a group to live long.” I recently guessed the secret of my girlfriend’s longevity, which passed over 2000 days.

On the other hand, Girlfriend recalled the beginning of her debut. Kim Shin-young asked, “What do you want to say if you can go back to the beginning of your debut?” Then Sowon replied, “I don’t think I could really wind up at that time. I want to tell me to run away.”

“I sympathized with what Sowon said,” said Yuju. “I think it was too hard for me to lose my confidence.” Umji also said, “It’s okay. I’m going to pass. In particular, I was sorry for the members by saying, It was difficult because the preparation period was too short.”

Eunbi, who listened to the story, said, “I want to tell you not to be too distressed.” She cried. The other members also said, “I know how you feel so well.”

In response to this, Kim Shin-young comforted her girlfriend by saying, “I’m going to be an article like’Girlfriend’s tears’.’

Lastly, the members ended up broadcasting in a refreshing and bright atmosphere like ‘Apple’ in order to testify to the appearance of’Noon’s Hope Song’.

Meanwhile, Girlfriend released a new mini album ‘回:Song of the Sirens’ on the 13th and made a gorgeous comeback with the title song ‘Apple’. As a nickname of’concept craftsman’, his girlfriend is challenging the concept of’cool witch’ in this album, showing her honest and imposing charm.


Photo| MBC visible radio capture

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