Kang Min-kyung, YouTube PPL controversial explanation

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee of Daily Economy Star Today]

Kang Min-kyung from Davichi explained through comments on the YouTube tens of million won PPL controversy.

On the 15th, Dispatch reported that ‘steamed items’ released by stars such as Kang Min-kyung and Han Ye-yeon through their channels received the advertising fee of tens of millions of won and proceeded with PPL.

Kang Min-kyung introduced his favorite underwear brand through a YouTube channel that boasts 660,000 subscribers. This video was later used as a video for the brand.

In response to this controversy, a netizen asked “Why didn’t you fix it as an advertisement video in the future?” Kang Min-kyung replied, “The content that was discussed later was that it uses its own mall or sponsored advertisement. I decided that there was no reason to mark it in my video itself.”

In particular, she responded to the reaction, “If it is a sponsor, it is a disappointment.” She explained that the advertisement proceeded by accepting a suggestion to use YouTube content in the future.

Dispatch said that unlike such as Kang Min-kyung, Han Hye-yeon, Jessica, and Giyonse, some entertainers, including Han Ye-seul and Shin Se-kyung, rejected the PPL proposal and shared their daily lives purely.

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