Lee Yun-ji, wife of Jung Han-ul, hugs her second child

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Actress Lee Yun-ji revealed her morning routine with her second daughter, Soul.

On the 15th, Lee Yun-ji posted a picture with the words “Let’s clean the honey mirror”, “Dad-like daughter”, “Husband who doesn’t seem to go to work today” and “Soul’s sister’s face is on sticker” .

In the released photo, Lee Yun-ji, smiling brightly while holding Soul,  who smiled with a clear smile as if her mother’s arms were good, were included. In particular, Soul makes a nod to Lee Yun-ji’s words that “it seems like he hasn’t been to work” with a scoop of bread that resembles her dad”.

In the photo of Lee Yun-ji, the netizens responded sensibly to the power of amazing genes, such as “Really like Dad,” “Why don’t you go to work?”

In addition, netizens cheered and encouraged Lee Yun-ji, who became the mother of her two daughters, such as “I’m so pretty even after a war in the morning.”

On the other hand, Lee Yun-ji married the dentist Jeong Han-wool in 2014, and gave birth to her second daughter Soul in April, after her first daughter Rani in 2015. The couple appears on the 13th anniversary of the SBS ‘Dong Sang-Imong 2-You Are My Fate’.


Photo| Yunji Lee SNS

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