‘Morning Yard’ Jinsung, said to Seongbin, a singer who suffers Charcot Marie Tooth disease “Being a Good Singer”

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Yang So-young]

‘Morning Yard’ Jinsung praised Seongbin.

KBS1 ‘Morning Yard’ broadcasted on the 15th was held in the’Challenge Dream Stage’. Singer Jinsung appeared as a guest.

Seongbin was challenged with a second win, and Seongbin is suffering from a rare refractory disease, Charcot Marie Tooth.

“I wasn’t expecting it, and I was so surprised,” Seongbin said of winning one last week. It was blank. Thank you so much for your support.”

When asked if there is a cure for Charcot Marie Tooth, Seongbin said, “There is no cure and it is only supporting vitamin iron.” He continued, “I wish all patients who have Charcot Marie Tooth and other diseases, do not lose courage day after day, thinking about the important person around me.”

Seongbin sang Johnny Lee’s ‘Hello Goodbye’. “You must be trained well from beginning,” said Jinsung, who listened to Seongbin’s song. It was released half a century ago. I think it came out in 1966. At that time, 350,000 copies were sold. “It’s 3.5 million copies now.”

“I look at the senior and sing with a low-pitched voice. Seongbin surpassed the atmosphere. People who sing this style have a wide range of songs. I am confident that I will be a good singer in the future. I hope that I can have a good time with my father to develop and develop a golden voice.”


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