Musical ‘Mozart!’ 10th Anniversary Performance Repackage Album Released

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Shin Young-eun]

The 2020 musical ‘Mozart!’ (manufactured by EMK Musical Company/EMK) celebrates the 10th anniversary of the premiere in Korea, and is today’s ‘musical’ Mozart !’ the 10th anniversary performance repackage album will be released.

This 10th anniversary performance repackage album, covering all the seasons and 10 years of the musical ‘Mozart!’, is expected to gain as much love as many audiences have been waiting for. As evidenced by this, the music video containing ‘I want to avoid my fate’ and ‘Golden Star’ released through the official account of EMK Musical Company achieved 270,000 views and 850,000 views respectively in a short period of time.

The album released this time is the 24 major numbers included in the 2010 OST and the new recording for this repackage album, ‘Why don’t you love me’, ‘Easy way is always wrong’, and Park Kang-hyun’s ‘I am music’ In addition to ‘I want to avoid my fate’, 18 songs, including 13 new songs from the 2020 cast and 3 songs released in 2016, including Kim So-hyang, Kim Yeon-ji, Min Young-ki, Son Joon-ho, Shin Young-sook, and Kim So-hyun, etc. ‘Memorial’, and the musical ‘Mozart!’ Music director Lee Seong-jun and BRANDON CHAMBER orchestra who participated in the premiere, music director Kim Moon-jung in 2016 and 2020, and the MC orchestra led by the 28-member group, completed a richer and more detailed sound.

This album consisted of 3 CDs containing 42 tracks, including a special track, and contained 32 pages of lyrics. In addition, a special postcard is included to create an audience’s curiosity. Meanwhile, the repackage album for the 10th anniversary performance was released only as a real physical album without the release of a digital sound source, and all albums except the last online pre-order can be purchased only at the site of the Grand Theater of the Sejong Cultural Center, where the performance is being held, increasing the scarcity and collectible value.

The musical ‘Mozart!’, which celebrated its 10th anniversary since the domestic premiere in 2010, is a leading piece in the Korean musical market and has been cruising since its opening in June. The musical ‘Mozart!’ has been well received every season by portraying the human agony of ‘Mozart’, which is endlessly struggling within the destiny of being a genius musician and simply wanting to be a free human being. As the genius musician Wolfgang Mozart, Kim Jun-soo, Park Kang-hyun, and Park Eun-tae are passionate, and Kim So-hyang, Kim Yeon-ji, Hannah, Min-gi Kim, Jun-ho Son, Shin Young-sook, and Kim So-hyun participate in the top actors. Musical ‘Mozart!’ The 10th anniversary performance will be performed at Sejong Center for the Performing Arts until August 9.

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