New presenter of the Incident ‘Pyo Chang-won’ “I watched ‘The world of a married’ due to my wife’s recommendation”

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee of Daily Economy Star Today]

The new host of JTBC’s ‘The Incident chief’, commendation was given before the first broadcast.

‘The Incident chieff’ is a current affairs information program that digs deep into social issues and events to track the truth. Experts in each field come out as panels to precisely analyze the overall issue and expand the viewers’ eyes looking at the event.

The presenter, ‘Captain’, is responsible for inducing and organizing the panel’s close approach to the issue.

Pyo Chang-won is the former police officer, professor at the National Police University, and a member of the National Assembly who has direct experience in social-politics as a whole.

In reviewing and organizing issues arising across society and politics, he is an optimized person who can be said to be the ‘highest in history’ as the host of the’case leader’, who guides him closer to the truth. From 20th, I met viewers every weekday at 3:45 pm.

Q. The reason why I appeared in JTBC ‘The Incident chief’

-“I am a person who has been researching and preventing crime cases for over 20 years and has been running in the field. When broadcasting, I wanted to play a role to help investigation and prevent crime by looking into and analyzing the back of crime cases. In fact, I received a few broadcast offers. However, I decided to appear with appreciation that ‘The Incident chief’ was the most suitable and suitable program for me and was a good opportunity.”

Q. What kind of program is Pyo Chang-won’s ‘The Incident chief’?

“We are trying a lot to be reborn as a program that is a bit more professional, more profound, and looks at the back of the case. First, a unique corner was prepared for each day of the week. One of them is the corner, which borrows the concept that experts analyze the incident on the spot. It reveals what evidence can be obtained from the case, what kind of hearing it was, and what was behind it. In addition, some corners approach crime cases in an epidemiological way, such as ‘Covid-19’. There is also a corner to look into crime from a historical perspective. In the Joseon Dynasty and modern times, there were also events that resembled the terrible events that occur now in the 70s and 90s. It is possible to look into how crime has changed in accordance with the changes of the times. I think it would be helpful to know more about the problems and the background of crime. I would like to make it a program to understand the case and learn lessons.

Q If the rating of ‘The Incident Chief’ exceeds 5%.

“It won’t be easy, but if it does, I will sing a song for viewers. I love the 7080 songs that have passed, including Kim Gwang-seok and Deulkookhwa.”

Q. If there is a guest, who do you want to invite?

“If there is a need for each case, I would like to have a person in charge of the investigation. Depending on the nature of the incident, such as prosecutors and investigators, I would like to tell the viewers what the nature of the incident, the difficulties, and what evidence they found and how they found it.”

Q. As a profiler, you also served as a professor at the police university and was active in the National Assembly. In the process, it was also shown that you mainly made impressions or sometimes raise their voices. So, there was also the image of a secretly scary person. How is it actually?

“Not normally. In particular, our children think that I am not a ‘scary person’, but a ‘funny person’ and ‘false’. There are many mistakes and many things you don’t know. In the politics-related broadcasts, there is no fun in the boring and peaceful scenes, so it always sends out a lot of scenes that fight and fight sharply. Somehow on such a broadcast, I think that I played a lot like that. However, sometimes the scene appeared to be interesting, and it was repeatedly shown. As a result, there seems to be some people who are always aware of it as a scary person who fights and screams. Obviously, I do not avoid when I have to fight. However, it is a pity when a lot of people seem to be fighting just like a commendation.”

Q. Do you have any JTBC program, you often watch?

“I love ‘Begin Again’ and ‘china is class’. And I saw the ‘The World of married’ due to my wife’s recommendation. I have yet to watch all episodes.”

Q. I uploaded a picture taken with my wife on my mobile messenger profile. In other actions, the face of’Lovers’ is also revealed. I don’t think it’s fake, but tell me the truth.

“In a straightforward, honest way, my wife is the most important person in the world. In fact, more than half of everything I do is largely depended on my wife. Even when things go well, much of that achievement is left to the wife. Of course, I don’t know if my wife is thinking the same way (laughs). This is a very meaningful year for the 25th anniversary of marriage. There will be differences and regrets for 25 years, but it is very meaningful and grateful to me that I endure well and come here. I want to post a lot of pictures with my wife on social media, but my wife doesn’t like to keep revealing herself publicly. That’s why only the photographs allowed are released to a minimum.”

Q. Lastly, please give me an ambition as a’captain’.

“Through the JTBC ‘The Incident Chief’, I am spending the afternoon with you from Monday to Friday, so it is full of joy, expectations and excitement. Through in-depth analysis that has never been seen before, I will do my best to make use of the meaning and value of the press program and make the effect of changing society in a desirable direction.
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