Seo Ji-hye “‘Shall we eat dinner together?’ gave me good moments”

[Daily Economic Star Today Reporter Park Se-yeon]

‘Shall we eat dinner together?’ Seo Ji-hye succeeded in discovering a new image in a happy ending and built a smile.

In the final episode of MBC’s Drama,’Shall we eat dinner together?’, aired on the 14th, Seo Ji-hye (as Woo Do-hee) maximized the fun of the drama with Song Seung-heon (Kim Hae-kyung) and Loco chemistry, who reached the peak of sweetness.

On this day, Seo Ji-hye delicately portrayed the solid inner side of the character as well as Kim Hae-kyung (Song Seung-heon) and couple chemistry. After having a sudden encounter with Kim Hae-kyung’s torch, she showed a humorous appearance of Woo Do-hee (Seo Ji-hye’s friend) and laughed.

He also impressed with the character’s inner growth. In the monologue of “I want to be together, it is the most important thing.” Unlike Do-hee’s fearful past, Woo Do-hee’s inner change in acknowledging her heart toward Kim Hae-kyung revealed a deep afterglow.

In addition, it showed the happy feelings of Woo Do-hee who greeted the happy ending and released a cute charm that he had hidden. Kim Hae-kyung’s shy proposal to eat dinner with herself every day was captured. Seo Ji-hye met the expectations of viewers who supported the ‘Hae-do couple’ by eating an impressive ending with Song Seung-heon.

“Would you like to have dinner?” Seo Ji-hye said, “I have been running for four months without a break, but I am already sorry for the last meeting. As it was a fun time, I think it will remain as a memory,” she left a message full of affection.

Along with the heartfelt testimony, Seo Ji-hye’s performance in ‘Shall we eat dinner together?’ is dazzling. Woo Do-hee, a bright and cheerful character, demonstrated a wide spectrum of acting by showing various expressive powers such as hot facial expressions, rich facial expression acting from the beginning to the end, and acting in the eyes.

In addition to the previous drama, that caused ‘Love for Seodan’, in ‘Shall we eat dinner together?’, you transformed into a lovely wacky girl crying “Beverly Never Die” as a beautiful beauty in the world, and everyone was loved by unexpected charms. The attention of the actor Seo Ji-hye, who has made viewers cry and laugh, as well as excellent character digestibility and delicate inner acting, is getting more attention.

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