‘ Shall we eat dinner together?’ Son Na-eun at a surprise party… “Thanks for Jin No-eul Avengers”

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Apink member and actress Son Na-eun thanked the staff of ‘Shall we eat dinner together?’ for holding a surprise event.

Son Na-eun posted several photos on her Instagram on the 15th with the words “Thanks to Jin No-eul Avengers for impressed me. It was the best teamwork. The sunset is lost, but Jin No-eul is not lost. #What is that?”

In the photo, Son Na-eun smiles happily after receiving the ‘Would you like to have dinner’ event prepared by the staff? The colorful balloons and cakes in the trunk of the car stand out. ‘Precious memories with sunset. Thank you very much. The phrase ‘Son Na-eun’ is a warm feeling. Son Na-eun’s doll-like figure and her slender body arouse admiration.

Fans who came across the photos responded with a variety of responses, such as “My sister is pretty”, “Hello at sunset, I really enjoyed it,” and “I’ll wait for another work of my sister”.

Son Na-eun starred in the role of Jin-no in the MBC monthly drama’Will You Have Dinner?’


Photo| Son Naeun SNS

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