‘Single Bungle Show’ Lee Bong-joo “I won’t leave ‘Kick a ball together’. ”

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee of Daily Economy Star Today]

Marathoner Lee Bong-joo reported the current situation.

In the MBC standard FM broadcasted on the 14th, ‘Single Bungle Show Bae Ki-sung and Heo Il-hoo’ (hereafter’Single Bungle Show’), “A lot of people are struggling with Covid-19. Cheered.

On this day, Lee Bong-joo appeared in the ‘Single Bungle Show’ in connection with DJ Ki-sung.

Regarding the entertainment program,’But to unite and kick,’ Lee Bong-joo said, “It’s not getting off, but I still have my seat. The members of the elder brother still have a lot of empty seats, so everybody comes by text.”

“Waist injury is also serious, but my abdominal muscles keep shaking. I thought I would recover soon, but a month has passed, two months have passed, and it doesn’t feel better. There is no pain, but I continue to tremble and bend to the waist.”

Lee Bong-joo asked the question of how some of the performers of ‘Kick a ball together’ performers wanted to be a player with low physical strength, pointing to Heo Jae, a retired basketball player, and he said, “I suspected how he could be a legend of basketball. I wondered how he played basketball though he’s weak now.”

A street called “Bongjuro,” named after the legend marathoner exists in Cheonan-si, Chungnam.” “I want to make a tall gate there”, he laughed.

Lee Bong-joo has delivered 4 torch fires including the Seoul Olympics in 1988, and has boasted a brilliant history of activities that will be about half the distance of the earth, including competitions and training.

“I usually digest 30 to 40km a day, and I’ve been running the street for over 20 years,” he explained.

Lee Bong-joo said he would continue to play a marathon even if he was born again. If you enjoy, you can last longer and take care of your health. Running makes you healthy.”

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