‘Vantage table’ officially launched Yuri snack menu… Recipe expectation

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee of Daily Economy Star Today]

Yuri, the owner of the ‘Vantage Table’, which has shared recipes for everyone, has released a new menu for special meals with plenty of tastes.

Today, on the 15th, Yuri’s culinary web entertainment ‘Vantage Table’ will showcase the challenge of left and right, where Yuri and SM Entertainment’s private restaurant, ‘SMT HOUSE’, work together to develop a new menu.

Yuri visits the owner chef of ‘SMT HOUSE’, Shin Dong-min, and tells her seriously about the menus she has been envisioning. Yuri directly suggested a ‘new menu launch’ collaboration to a professional chef by telling her that she wants to go beyond sharing recipes with subscribers through YouTube and share a special time to actually taste and experience.

Yuri, who has challenged with the popular menu, which has never been tried in the sensibility complex dining out space ‘SMT HOUSE’, which is gaining popularity due to the variety of lounges, Korean foods, and Chinese foods. She continuously shares great ideas, showing her knowledge about foods. She constantly poured out and surprised the chefs and staff.

From the first meeting to the completion of the new menu, the ‘Vantage Set’, developed from meeting and inspection from time to time for a month, exchanges various opinions, and is a four-part menu, and is a spicy sauce that contains glass-loving chilli peppers, squid, shrimp, and tomatoes. Composed of sweet ‘Cheongyang Seafood Tteokbokki’, bibimbap seasoned with red pepper paste sauce, and ‘Jeonju Bibimb Rice Bowl’ fried with cheese and crispy and fragrant garlic flakes. It is done.

The recipe for a simple’favorite meal set’ that is easy to enjoy for both men and women will be released for the first time at ‘Vantage Table’, and will be sold as a formal menu at ‘SMT HOUSE’ from the day the video is uploaded.

The process of birth of the new menu and the story behind the limited express will be aired on Yuri’s YouTube channel ‘Vantage TV’ at 6pm on today (15th).


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