‘Heart Signal 3’ Cheon Anna X Kim Kang-yeol, “Of course not” to the suspicion of the rap star

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee of Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Heart Signal 3’ Cheon Anna and Kim Kang-yeol’s suspicion of love stargram were revealed.

Channel A ‘Heart Signal 3’, which was aired on the 15th, was revealed in an interview through a special broadcast through the interviews and the honest story of the young men and women who returned to their daily lives at Signal House.

There were so many spoilers of ‘Heart Signal 3′ final selection during the broadcast period. There was a date witnessing the date of Cheon In-woo and Lee Ga-heun, and there was also suspicion of the love stargram between Cheon Anna and Kim Kang-yeol, saying, “I had the last couple on social media.”

“Of course not. Posting with Kim Kang-yeol and I didn’t make any difference for a few minutes.” “I contacted him and said,’It’s our love stargram.’ He and I said to delete the post each other.”

Jeong Ui-dong, who finally chose Cheon Anna in the interview, said, “I don’t contact Cheon Anna separately.

On this day, Cheon In-woo, Lee Ga-heun, also drew close relationship, but did not develop into a lover.

“I saw them after I finished. I went to play without a camera, so I went to play and had a good time.” “I don’t seem to see much these days,” he said.

“I met a few times. I had a good time, but some pictures were taken and they came up. He was a lot of reasoning with pictures, but I’m sorry I seemed to have confused him unintentionally.”


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