Irene ‘Double Patty’ starring picked up… netizen “Anchored wannabe + Expecting intelligence”

[Daily Economy Star Today Lee Hae-jeong Intern Reporter]

While a member of girl band Red Velvet, Irene, is making a screen debut with the movie ‘Double Patty’, netizens are excited about the new look of Irene, who has transformed into an anchor wannabe.

Irene’s SM Entertainment said on the 16th, “Irene will appear in the movie ‘Double Patty’.”

‘Double Patty’ is a new film by Baek Seung-hwan, the director of ‘Like the First Cup’, and it is a film of youth growth. Irene will play the role of an anchor aspirant in the play and meet the audience through the screen.

The interest of the netizens is explosive as Irene is interested in what she will look like as an anchor wannabe.

The netizens showed expectations such as “I’m looking forward to seeing Irene’s intellectual form”, “I’m anxious to be an anchor wannabe,” and “I want to see Irene full of passion quickly.” Irene has been well-received in the 2016 web drama’Game Company Female Employees’.

The movie ‘Double Patty’, which is expected to undergo a new transformation of Irene, is scheduled to begin production in the year of crank-in in August.

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