‘Peninsula’, Singapore and Taiwan Box Office No. 1… Highest opening score ever

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Hyun-Jung Han]

Kang Dong-won’s new film ‘Peninsula’ shot the box office in the Asian region, including Singapore and Taiwan, as well as domestically.

On the 16th, the distributor NEW (Next Entertainment World, Chairman Kim Woo-taek) announced that the ‘Peninsula’, which was released in Singapore on the 15th, achieved the best opening performance of Korean movies.

Ticket sales earned by the ‘Peninsula’ on that day were about 147,000 Singapore dollars (about 127.2 billion won). As for the Korean film screening in Singapore,’With God: In and Yeon’, which has the highest box office record, has surpassed 119,000 Singapore dollars.

“Singapore announced the resumption of theater operations with the ‘Peninsula”,” said the NEW side. “It was sold out even when only 50 seats were available per theater, which was supposed to be placed in the theater.”

In Taiwan, it took 300 pavilions and earned about 800,000 dollars (about 966 million won). It is a shame that surpassed the record of the previous work, ‘Train to Busan’. Malaysia, which had its first public release before the opening on the 15th, also drew attention and attracted attention.


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