Song Ji-hyo, pure mood + overwhelming visual ‘heart steal’ [pictorial]

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Lee Da-gyeom]

Actress Song Ji-hyo revealed the status of ‘pictorial artisan’ with an overwhelming visual.

The agency’s creative group, I-ENG, released a photo behind Song Ji-hyo’s pictorial, who participated in the July issue of lifestyle magazine Esquire.

Song Ji-hyo catches the eye of the viewer, who is seen as an innocent yet elegant beauty in the photos released on the day. Song Ji-hyo showed a simple appearance by digesting various white and white costumes, and showed a different charm with the eyes immersed in the given concept.

In another cut, she radiated a’reverse atmosphere’, revealing a refreshing juice with a smile.

From the first half of this year, Song Ji-hyo has been continuing the ’10 Days Walk’ from the movie’Invaders’ to the JTBC tree drama ‘Was it Love’ (played by Lee Seung-jin, director Kim Do-hyung).

In particular, in this drama, she plays the role of ‘No Ae-jung’, a super-working mother who is struggling to protect her precious dreams and family, and plays an active part in announcing the birth of a new character.

On the other hand, Song Ji-hyo is appearing every week on Wednesday and Thursday at 9:30 pm.

Photo Credit|Creative Group iENG

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